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Decoding ONDC – Perspective for Marketers

The success of digital public goods in identity, payments and social welfare disbursements in India is based upon two principles: trust in technology and value co-creation. ONDC aims to incorporate these principles to democratise e-commerce in India and revolutionise the e-retail, e-transactions, and logistics domains. This report hopes to guide stakeholders on the way to transform the Indian e-commerce landscape in a transparent and inclusive manner.



Decoding ONDC Report

3 thoughts on “Decoding ONDC – Perspective for Marketers”

  1. thanks

  2. Vivekanand November 29, 2022

    Would like to get the report

  3. Govind Shrikhande December 21, 2022

    I want to download and read this report . How do i get it ??

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