About Us

The vision and the people behind it

Digital India Foundation (DIF) is a non-for-profit trust founded by Arvind Gupta, Ashok Malik and Samir Saran and designed as a think-tank aiming to foster digital inclusion and adoption, and the use of the Internet and related technologies for the developmental process.

Our Vision

The digital debate is a cross-cutting one.

In India, and in the Indian social and socio-economic process, it aims to further and foster discussions on options and opportunities under the rubric of the entire ecosystem formulated by the Indian government and its Digital India programme (the name is coincidental; there is no direct connection between DIF and the government programme).

DIF’s ambit of interest extends to but doesn’t stop at discussions and debates within the frameworks of Make in India, Smart Cities, Technology Inclusion, Digital Literacy, Participative Governance, Innovation Incubation, Software Product Procurement, E-Business and Disintermediation of Markets.

Arvind, Samir and Ashok hope DIF will contribute to the transformation of Indian society, and help the public sphere leverage the force-multiplier capacities of technology.

Our Team



Innovation Evangelist, Technology Entrepreneur and Policy Advisor
Arvind Gupta is the Founder of Digital India Foundation. He spearheaded the Digital and Social Media campaign for Prime Minister Modi during Elections 2014 for which he was awarded the Digital leader of the year and PathBreaker award and has been covered in leading PR, trade publications including WSJ, FT, Gartner, PRWeek. He is an Eisenhower fellow for Innovation and an active member of Industry Forums NASSCOM, TiE and Founding Member of ISPiRT (Indian Software Products Industry Round table). He is on the Board of Directors of IIT – BHU Alumni Association, PAN-IIT Alumni Association and Illinois Alumni Board. He holds a B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from IIT-BHU and a Masters in Computer Science and MBA from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He is based in New Delhi and tweets at @buzzindelhi.


Regulation / Policy, Media Studies, Climate Policy Expert
Samir Saran is Co-founder of the Digital India Foundation and a Senior Researcher & Vice President responsible for Development and Outreach at the Observer Research Foundation. An Electrical Engineer by training, he has a Masters in Media Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and has been a Fellow at the University of Cambridge Program for Sustainability Leadership. He is visiting Fellow at the Australia India Institute and faculty at a number of other schools and programs.

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