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Mask Study (Round 1.5)

Mask Study (Round 1.5)

DIF conducted a mask adherence survey across 11 cities in its first round of study to assess mask adherence by gender, age group, type and public places. The data revealed that in most of  these cities the mask adherence was not at optimum level. Click here to read and download the report.

DIF conducted another survey in 4 metro cities- Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai to assess mask adherence level in these cities amid Omicron led 3rd wave in the country. The data has been collected across different age groups in public places and the type of mask worn by the subject.

It is imperative to note that although mask adherence has improved but the increase is not substantial and cloth masks are still prevalent. Mumbai has the highest level of proper mask adherence at 80.26%, followed by Hyderabad 67.07%, Delhi 56.88% and Kolkata at 44.55%.

Mask Study (Round 1.5) Report :

R1.5 Mask Analysis Report


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